How To Easily Monitor Viber Activities

28 December, 20130 Comments
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Viber is one of the most popular ways to communicate and it is compatible with mobile phones and tablets. In this article, you can see the importance of tracking the messages and calls that are being exchanged on this platform and what are the best programs on the market.


With so many chat and instant messaging applications that are popping up on the internet, most of the older generation is not even aware of what Viber is and how to use it. However, your kids, who are updated with the current technology, will certainly be familiar with it and probably have it on their mobile device.

If you have a smartphone, an iPad, a Tablet or a PC, then Viber will be available for you to download. This application will give you the option to send and receive text messages, and make VOIP calls with the use of the data plan or even a Wi-Fi connection which means there is no charge for the calls and text messages.

The Viber app, like so many of its kind, is free to download but it can be used to communicate only with devices which has Viber installed. It is so popular with the young generation since they can easily exchange calls and texts with their friends without worrying about costs. That is how Viber grew its subscribers so easily at a very short period.


If you provided your kids with a mobile phone and they use Viber app to communicate, you may not be aware if they are getting exposed to the dangers in the instant messaging world. They may be giving out personal information to strangers but you will have no idea.

Majority of the spying software available on the market do not have the capability to track these types of messages. Like most monitoring app, they can record only the regular messages and calls but not the ones for instant messaging app like Viber. So if your kids use this, you won’t know about what is going on in their mobile phone communication.

Providers of spy software are trying their best to make up for this miss and adding the feature or capability to track instant messaging applications like Viber. But before you decide to get one, check out some important factors.


There are only a handful of applications that can successfully track activities on Viber and most of them can only be done on IOS devices like iPhone and iPad, and Android phones and tablets. Plus there are certain limitations like jailbreaking the Apple device (you can look up the step by step process for jailbreak) and making sure that the Android is rooted (process can also be checked on the internet).

So if you do decide to track the activities on Viber, you have to look for the best spying software available.

Currently there are two reliable and cost effective spying applications that are capable of tracking Viber and these are mSpy and StealthGenie. Although Flexispy also offers this service, the price is a bit steep for consumers and MobileSpy has not even made the feature available.

Of course, the requirements to root Android and Jailbreak iPhone remain the same and the feature comes with the higher price range.


  • All messages that are being sent and received via Viber will be reported.
  • The date and time for text messages and calls as well as the numbers of both parties will be included.
  • Call records will have the duration and the phone numbers.
  • At the moment, there is no option yet to record the calls but efforts are being made to incorporate this feature. Gathering all information on the call is a necessary part and will eventually lead to the development of call recording.

Your Choice

Although StealthGenie was the first one to have this feature and it does work outweighs the competition when it comes to value since you are not not only going to choose spy software just for Viber monitoring, but will of course consider the other features that go with it. Plus the price will also play a vital role in your decision.

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